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The biggest problem with choosing a CMS (content management systems) is that there are well over 300 CMS (content management systems) out there.

The most popular is WordPress.

There are well over 300 CMS (content management systems) out there. The Wikipedia page of free and open-source software lists over a hundred.


MAMP - Installs Microsoft _NET version 4

Laravel CMS | Grav and October CMS.

  • CMS Made Simple - was not all that simple
  • HTMLy - Databaseless Blogging Platform, Flat-File Blog and Flat-File CMS
  • HTMLy has not been updated for more than two years

Very simple sites only need flat file CMS

A List of the Best Flat File CMS

SEO grades of CMS


Usage of content management systems for websites

Historical trends in the usage of content management systems for websites – So many abandoned projects 307 Serendipity 0.003%

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