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Site Name - Site Title: Learn computer networking basics and system administration

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Experienced system administrator explains basic components of computer networks and the OSI Model in simple terms

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Learn more about computers and technology Geek Speak Made Simple

Learning technology isn't sexy, but I am doing my best to keep it interesting. Here I take on the complex subject of the Computer Networking OSI model explained in simple terms.

Layer two versus layer three communications

Good article from Cisco Layer 3 versus Layer 2 Switch for VLANs |

Layer 2 Versus Layer 3 Networking - Actually gets more into why MPLS |

Deeper detail from Cisco on the topic - Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switch Evolution |

The Guru 42 Universe is not run by a university professor with a team of editors and advisers working to developing a website. Tom Peracchio is simply someone who loves technology and history and is amazed by how little people know about the great minds in the world of technology.

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