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I uninstalled my two test sites I set up running GRAV because it was not as quick and easy as I hoped it would be. I like the idea of GRAV because you do not need to attach it to a backend database. GRAV looks pretty powerful, but it is a lot more complex than some of the other quick and easy CMS I installed. I have not given up totally on GRAV, installed MAMP for a local install to experiment with as time permits.

An installation of GRAV has been removed: Drupal 7 7.59 has been installed at:

An installation of GRAV has been removed: WonderCMS 2.5.1 has been installed at:


Intro to the Grav CMS 23,039 views•May 15, 2017 webdevstuff

Atom text editor –> –> twig + markdown –> markdown

templates –> twig files

–> set default home page in system.yaml home: alias: '/home'

Numerical values for folders creating pages 01.home

Grav CMS creating a modular page 17,707 views•May 17, 2017 webdevstuff

antimatter - one page landing site

all folder names begin with underscore

content is created in frontmattter

Grav CMS - creating a blog page 9,338 views•May 16, 2017 webdevstuff

Template –> blog

Blog folder – Add page –> Parent Page –> Blog –> Page Template –> Default

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