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Drupal 8 other than Symfony and CSS

Drupal 8 has brought with it many changes, particularly in regards to theming. Themes in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 differ significantly. Overall, .info files are replaced with .yml files, as in the modules. The theming functions are also replaced with Twig code and are now run via template files.

The main theme file is the .info.yml file, which sets all the basic information. A subtheme is created just like any theme, just by adding a ‘base theme’ key. The .info.yml file must be in the folder with the theme and carry it a name (such my_theme/

If you are looking for a closer alternative, you could give BackDrop CMS a try, it is a fork of Drupal 7 but with much more advanced features. I personally have given Backdrop a try and found it to be quite good!

Drupal 8 contains a WYSIWYG editor straight out of the box.

Drupal 8 Checklist:

Home> Administration> Configuration> People Who can register accounts? Administrators only

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